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Spine Physicians Institute has been established with a clear goal in mind by the founder, Dr. Venkat Sethuraman. The goal is to become an invaluable resource for spine health that our patients can come to trust. Trust is something which is sacred. A patient places their life in the hands of a surgeon, virtually an unknown. As the healthcare provider, it is our sacred duty to never exploit that trust. We work hard every day to constantly better ourselves and our healthcare methods. We employ not only the latest methods, but also the latest technologies.

Awareness can change a lot of things. A patient usually demands awareness about a procedure when it is recommended to them. No one can commit blindly towards a procedure where their whole future might be on the line. That is why Spine Physicians Institute ensures all patients are provided with appropriate information regarding their condition and suggested procedures before committing. This allows us, as the trusted caregivers to perform within the expected parameters. We urge you to learn more about us and our sacred mission of seeing our patients healthy.

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