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Many times a child may complain of back pain, but instead of attributing it to growing pain, it may be something else.

Unfortunately, frequently a kid is told to suck it up and brush it off as something else. Adults can also fall victim to the same thing, and brush off their back pain as just getting older.

As adults, as we get older, we get lazy. Look at how a child picks up a ball. They get close to the ball, squat to the floor, pull the ball towards them, and pick it up off the floor. As adults, many times we bend at the waist. When we take this shortcut, we are straining our muscles and herniating our discs.

So what is causing back pain in children and adults? Many things in our society can cause us to sit or stand using bad posture. For example, being on the phone and computer all the time.

For every second you are in a bad posture, you are causing damage to your ligaments, joints, and muscles. While this is subtle, it quickly adds up over time and can become a big pain in the neck and back.

The moral of the story, don’t ignore pain. Don’t dismiss it as “growing pains” or the “aging process”. Make sure you get it checked out.

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