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Talk about revolutionary. Deirdre McDonnell, diagnosed with scoliosis as a newborn baby, became the first adult fitted with a remote-control spine.

The 34-year old now has 130 degrees ‘C’ shaped spine surgeons decided to try the pioneering MAGEC rod operation by inserting magnetic rods into her spine. The MAGEC procedure or magnetic expansion control system involves screwing rods into the spine in which the rods can be controlled externally to correct the curvature of the spine.

Until now, the operation has only been performed on children, as it was previously thought to be effective for early-onset scoliosis before the age of 10.

With the success of McDonnell’s surgery, doctors are hopeful the bone-implant will help other adults who have previously undergone intrusive, unsuccessful,  and painful surgeries.

For more information on the procedure, visit Daily Mail: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2929521/Woman-adult-world-fitted-MAGNETIC-spine-correct-C-shaped-caused-scoliosis.html

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