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Tony Romo is back and better than ever after undergoing back surgery a year ago. Romo Blood Banks, Pharma Join Microsoft to Sign Up Covid-19 Survivors for Plasma legal steroids for sale online activity – buy online steroids in pakistan, buy online anabolic steroids in india – whistle expects to build on his outstanding 2014 season for even better performance in 2015.

Romo came to training camp as healthy as he’s ever been over the last three years. This was the first full offseason he had since 2012 as injury-free. He’s also had a full offseason with Scott Linehan, the offensive coordinator.

Linehan and Romo are on the same page when it comes to teamwork. “We’re going to be the same team, but we’re just going to do little wrinkles and guys have to learn intricate detail stuff, but they’re within the structure,” said Romo.

Linehan said, “Any time you can spend more time with players you coach and the player is spending time with you, you’re going to improve in a lot of areas: communication, kind of what the expectations are.” He also adds, “We’re not still in the rehab process (with Romo’s back) like we were last year. I think that’s huge for us this year with Tony.”

Romo came off a 2014 season after rebounding from back surgery with the best season of his career. He threw 34 touchdowns, nine interceptions, and lead the league in completion percentage (69.9), yards per attempt (8.5), passer rating (113.2), and game-winning drives (5).

Since Romo is stronger and healthier, he is making throws in the camp that he would only try in games last year. He’s got more ease and his lower body looks smoother when he throws.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said, “It’s really a tribute to him. It’s good to see him back out there, he’s in all the drills, he’s moving around, he looks like himself, and not only his movement with his feet but like you said, he’s able to make more of the spontaneous throws that we’ve seen him make throughout his career. So he is clearly strong, I think he feels better.”

Garrett adds, “Having said that, we’ve got to make sure we monitor him. But he’s certainly much further along physically than he has been in the past.”

It’s great to see a player with such positive results after back surgery. Way to go Romo for the dedication and perseverance in training after surgery.

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