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Thoracic Spondylosis

Spondylosis refers to nonspecific, degenerative changes in the spine. This degeneration can manifest in a myriad of ways; such as disc dehydration, loss of disc height, joint hypertrophy, and osteophyte formation (bone spurs). These changes can result in narrowing of the neural foramen (the path where the nerve root exits the spinal canal). This can lead to compression of the nerve roots. The compression can further cause radicular symptoms; such as shooting pain, numbness, and tingling. Other degenerative changes can result in narrowing of the spinal canal. If the spinal canal becomes too narrow, the spinal cord can become compressed, causing myelopathy.

The causes and pathophysiology of spondylosis have not been clearly defined. However, most theories point toward aging and chronic mechanical stress being the causative factors. Simply put, it is the wear and tear of our spine as we get older.

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Glowing Reviews of Former Patients

Harshit G.

“Best surgeon and very good treatment.”
I had lost faith in surgeons and started calling them butchers. But a friend recommended SPI to me. They listened to my problem with attention unlike my previous doctor. They believed me when I said I was in pain and not just delusional. Their treatment fixed me just like new. I am thankful to them for restoring my faith.

R. M.

I saw Dr. Sethuraman in July of 2019 after being referred. I had been suffering neck and left arm pain, left arm weakness, and decreased grip for several years after riding and falling off rodeo bulls. Dr. Seth made me feel immediately comfortable. I am now two month post a neck fusion and am PAIN-FREE. I have 50% of my strength and grip back. I am getting stronger every day!!! I would highly recommend Dr. Seth and his team at Spine Physicians Institute!!!!

B. M

“Wonderful and very attentive!!”
I had been suffering with two failed neck surgeries for over 9 years and my son found Dr. seth after extensive research. I immediately felt comfortable with his bedside manner and underwent a complex neck revision. Prior to surgery I was having severe pain and weakness in both arm and difficulty gripping things. I travel from Oklahoma to see Dr. Seth and am now 70% neck pain improved with 50% of my grip and arm strength regained. I’m getting stronger everyday!!! I highly recommend him and his SPI team!!!

H. M.

“Dr. Sethuraman cured my back and leg pain!”
I drove down from Oklahoma after being referred by multiple friends and my doctor who Dr. Seth had helped. I had been suffering from years of back and leg pain and could not stand or walk for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. I had surgery 6 weeks ago and am now 85% improved of my pain and am slowly regaining my strength where I can now walk and bend again. I have already recommended Dr. Seth to other friends. I felt the whole staff was extremely caring to my needs.

C. J.

He was great at explaining everything to me and his staff was so sweet! I would highly recommend him if your having neck pain!

Myra H.

“I love Dr. Seth and his staff from day one very professional”
My 1st Visit he sat down we had a conversation he pointed out to me and he fixed me I love him and his staff

Pamela W.

“A very long recovery, but successful”

Always pleasant to talk with, very thorough, and friendly all the time

Stella C.

“Dr. Seth makes you feel like you are his only patient. He treats you like family! .”
Dr. Seth, saved my back a year ago. I was in constant pain and no remedy worked. The surgery went smoothly and my pain was managed well. I have continued to recommend Dr. Seth, because he gave me back my quality of life and gave my kids their mom back.

Shana P.

“Made it easy to understand everything”
My visits have been very comfortable. He takes his time and willing to work with you to make you feel better.

Gina M.

“Nurses really nice. Dr Seth has great bedside manner”
Great to work with.

Mark L.

“Excellent Doctor and Staff”
Dr. Sethuraman did an Excellent job with my surgery!! He is understanding and listens to my issues. His Staff is kind and helpful every time I call the office.

Zak B.

“I really feel comfortable here”
From the receptionist all the way up to Dr. Seth, the entire team has done a great job of making me feel at home and comfortable. I’ve battled back issues for over 13 years and been to many places for help. I feel I am finally on the right track now.

Robert W.

“Feel better”

M. W.

Dr. Seth was amazing he explained the procedure and the post op experience, which made me comfortable from the start. Dr. Seth is an amazing doctor. I wouldn’t let anyone else operate on my spine.

Carolyn Q.

“Excellent. Dr and staff are excellent”
Good. Appt are on time. No long appt waits. Staff is very nice and helpful!!

Judy S.

“It was very very good They are very professional and takes very good care of you and listens to what you have to say It was very very good”
They are very professional and shows how much they really care for their patients.

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