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Thoracic Microdiscectomy

Self Treatment

Alternating an ice pack with heat several times daily for 30 times, gentle stretching and massage may help relieve neck pain.Taking an over-the-counter pain medication such as ibuprofen,acetamination, or naproxen may laso help.Gentle exercise and good posture may laso help prevent it.

Cervical pain can gave causes that aren’t due to underlying disease.Example include prolonged straining(looking up or down), sleeping in an uncomfortable position,stress, or wearing heavy necklaces.

Seeking Medical Care

See a doctor immediately if you

  • Experience pain after trauma or injury
  • Have trouble walking
Make an appointment to see a doctor if you
  • Have headache, numbness, or tingting
  • Feel Pain that lasts for several weeks

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Glowing Reviews of Former Patients

All of the staff is always great! Dr. Sethuraman is very personable yet professional and give a clear detailed explanation of what is going on. I am very happy with the level of service/treatment that I receive at the Spine Physicians Institute.

Alicia N.

Alicia N.

Awesome staff and doctor. Have had two neck surgeries with them and they are the best.



Dr S and Jimmy are absolutely amazing. They have helped my mom start feeling so much better after so long of constant pain. High recommended! The office and Dr are fantastic!

Misty Mitchell

Misty Mitchell
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