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Tiger Woods says not winning The Open is unacceptable

Despite still recovering from major back surgery a few months ago, Tiger Woods insists that victory is the only acceptable result for him at The Open this week.

When asked what an acceptable finish would be given his recent injury, Woods replied “First”. The key to Woods’ confidence is being pain-free, which he says he has not been for many years.

“It’s getting better,” said Woods. “There’s no pain. I came back and hit it as hard as I want to hit it. I’m getting stronger and faster. That’s only going to continue. I’m not quite at the level I think I can be in terms of explosion through the golf ball but I’m pretty darn close.”

Woods also pointed out that his greatest victory came at the back of serious surgery back in 2008 where he stunned the world at the US Open at Torrey Pines. He had undergone keyhole surgery on his left knee just weeks before, while also suffering from stress fractures in his left leg and a ruined anterior cruciate ligament.

Read more at The Daily Mail via: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/golf/article-2692814/Tiger-Woods-says-not-winning-The-Open-unacceptable.html

Tiger Woods breaks 50 in his first 9 holes after back surgery

While he didn’t say by how much, Tiger Woods broke 50 in his first 9 holes on the golf course after his disc replacement procedure, which is quite an achievement.

One of Woods’ favorite expression regarding his path to recovery was that time was “a process”, and it’s not over yet. Woods’ explained, “The whole progression was putting first. Anyone who has had this procedure done, you can putt the next day,” Woods explained.

His problem, however, was bending over to get the ball out of the hole. “We had normal-size holds in my back yards, and I sand-filled them. So I knew if the putt went in or not, but I never had to bend over and get balls out of the hole,” he explained.

Woods admitted he has learned patience and to listen to his body. “Listening to my body, that’s one thing I have learned, stubbornly, over the years, that I have to do this,” he said. “Particularly with this injury, this is very different than pushing through my knee injuries in the past. I could play through it. I just couldn’t play through this. Nerve impingement, as I said, it’s not joke.”

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Tiger Woods speedy recovery from back surgery

Tiger Woods is finally taking full swings again after his back surgery 11 weeks ago, which means he has a possibility of playing in The Open next month at Holylake, where he won in 2006.

“Tiger is making continual progress,” Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg said. “He feels better each day and is able to extend his swing as he moves forward.”

Woods had surgery last March for a microdiscectomy, and although initial prognosis spoke of a return within 8 weeks, it soon became apparent that Woods would be missing the game for longer.

Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/golf/tigerwoods/10907582/Tiger-Woods-speedy-recovery-from-back-surgery-puts-next-months-Open-at-Hoylake-on-his-radar.html

Tiger Woods still not hitting full shots after back surgery

While Tiger Woods has been busy checking on the progress of his new golf course called El Cardonal at Diamante Cabo San Lucas, traveling to Las Vegas at his Tiger Jam charity event, driving his kids to school and sports events, and becoming an expert at video games, the one thing has hasn’t been doing is hitting golf balls.

Woods, who underwent microdiscectomy surgery on March 31 to alleviate pain caused by a pinched nerve, is not rushing his return to the golf course.

“There really is no timetable. That’s been kind of the realization to all of this is that there’s no date. I have to take it on a daily basis,” Woods said. “It’s not going to be up to me whether I play or not, it’s going to be up to my docs.”

More on Woods’ rehab via USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/pga/2014/05/19/tiger-woods-full-shots-return-back-surgery/9277783/

Tiger Woods has talked to Tony Romo ‘a lot’ about back surgery

If you’re wondering when Tiger Woods will be headed back to the golf course, you might want to look toward’s Tony Romo’s rehab. Woods, who underwent back surgery on March 31 and had to skip the Masters, had the same microdiscectomy surgery that Romo underwent in December.

Woods did what any smart pro athlete would do in his situation: he reached out to the Cowboy’s quarterback for advice. “Tony Romo had the exact same procedure I did,” said Woods. “He just couldn’t function anymore”.

More on Woods’ and Romo’s interaction and how their rehab is going via CBS Sports: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24552917/tiger-woods-has-talked-to-tony-romo-a-lot-about-back-surgeryweb

Tiger Woods dishes on his back surgery progress and putting with his son:

Tiger Woods may still be injured, but he’s finding ways to still stay competitive, like dominating his five-year old son at putting.

“My recovery from microdiscectomy surgery for a pinched nerve in my back is coming along, but it’s a very slow process. I’m still sore. Not from the procedure itself but the incision. I just need to get back to my day-to-day activities, and that’s it,” says Tiger via his blog HERE.

Woods has been spending a lot of time with his kids, and also proves that there may be a lot of things that come easy when you are the five-year-old son of a golf superstar, but winning a putting match isn’t one of them.

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Tiger Woods Injury Update: Latest on Golf Star’s Recovery from Back Surgery

With a resume like Tiger Woods, it was discouraging when he revealed he’d be unable to compete in the 2014 Masters Tournament.

However, while he works hard to rehabilitate from his microdiscectomy, back surgery to address a pinched nerve at age 38, it’s worth noting that other standout golfers have recovered from the same surgery. Former PGA and current TV commentator Peter Jacobsen had the same surgery as Woods and feels he’s back to 100 percent.

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Back Injury Frustrates Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is unsure whether his back pain will allow him to play in the Masters, less than two weeks away.

“For Augusta, it’s actually still a little too soon, to be honest with you,” Woods said. “That’s kind of the frustrating thing about this.”

Woods, off to the worst start of his 18 years on tour, has been troubled by back problems. He stopped playing in the final round at the Honda Classic on March 2 because of back spasms and pain in his lower back.

More on Tiger Woods back pain and his future contracts via ESPN at http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/10665183/tiger-woods-says-too-soon-know-able-play-masters

Tiger Woods withdraws at Honda due to back problems

The back problems that plagued Tiger Woods toward the end of the 2013 PGA Tour season resurface as Woods withdrew from the Honda Classic after 13 holes.

Woods said it started in the morning during warm-ups. He said it was the same feeling as he had at the Barclays last summer when he suffered back spasms in the final round and actually fell to the ground after hitting an approach shot.

Learn more about Tiger’s tournament and his back pain via ESPN Golf:  http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/10541935/tiger-woods-withdraws-honda-classic