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Spondylolisthesis is a spine problem that affects the spinal cord or lower vertebrae. In this condition mostly happens when one of your vertebrae slips out and become curved. It mostly happens at the base of your spine.
This condition is painful and hurtful condition and in severe conditions, it needs surgery and proper medical care. You can use both therapeutic and surgical methods to treat this condition. Regular exercise and workout can lower or even eliminate this condition.
The slipped vertebrae puts pressure on the nerves and it can result in pain in different parts of the body and legs.

Symptoms of Spondylolisthesis

The most common occurring symptom is lower back pain and spinal pain. This symptom get worse when you do physical work or exercise. Some other symptoms include tension in thigh muscles, and firmness and motion of lower part of the back is reduced.
Pains in different parts of body especially in legs and butt increases as you stand up. These compressions can lead to abnormalities in legs and upper thigh muscles. The compression can lead to Cauda equina syndrome as well.
The unique thing about this condition is that sometimes you have the condition and you never know about it. One of the sure way to know that you have the Spondylolisthesis is the pain that will start from lower back and extend to the buttocks.

  • Muscle seizure in the muscles on the back of thigh
  • Back rigidity
  • You find it difficult to stand or walk
  • You will feel when bending
  • Lack of sensation, weakness or itchy feeling in the foot

Glowing Reviews of Former Patients

Shantel R.

Thanks to SPI and Dr. Seth, I now have relief from my chronic back pain. I used to have a bone overgrowth. It was pinching my S1 nerve which was extremely painful. But now I can do everything I used to do without any horrible back pain. I am running and even jumping again!

Kimberly Pederson

It has been almost a year since that fateful day when I had my surgery at the hands of Dr. Seth and his team. I have felt no pain in my back ever again. Good job thanks.

Amelia Marshall

My operation was a great success. It was virtually a painless experience. I was up and capable of walking around 2 days after the surgery. I felt such vigor and energy in my body that I had not felt for 6 years.

Michael JVelasco

The doctor, nurses and overall staff are very friendly. I received true compassion and care from them. I would recommend this place to all my loved ones and acquaintances. Thanks SPI

Martin James

I feel so amazing, that words cannot describe it. I can walk again and sit without any pain any time I want. Thank You Dr venkat!

Carolyn Scott

I had lost faith in surgeons. But a friend recommended SPI to me. They listened to my problem with attention, unlike my previous doctor. They believed me when I said I was in pain and not just delusional. Their treatment fixed me just like new.
I am thankful to them for restoring my faith.

Whiro sed

I had a back problem in August 2019. I went to spine physicians inst and had my surgery which went exactly as planned, no complications. Once my treatment and recovery were finished, I called them back twice to thank them.

Qaisar Yousaf

I had surgeries in 2018, 2019 and 2020 at the Spine Physicians Institute. The experience just kept getting better with every visit. I have seen SPI strive to improve patient care and experience.
Thank you, Dr. Seth

Lily Thrower

Due to an accident, I had received some damage to area around L2. The physicians I went to said it was bleeding too much. They said it could not be fixed, only be patched. It was too much costly. But then I went to the Spine Physicians Institute. They did a real surgery on my spine. They fixed the damage with no trouble and it did not even cost me much. I would recommend this place to all.

Esther Reid

There was a time when I had given up all hope of having a good life. I had been in a car accident and received grievous injuries. Almost every institution had given up hope on me being able to walk again, without help. But, my prayers were answered when I went to Dr. Seth.

Linda Snyder

A few months back, I was experiencing severe back pain. Even getting up from bed was a real task for me. But then a friend recommended to me the Spine Physicians Institute located in Dallas. I decided to see what the fuss was all about. I can definitely say it was the best decision I ever made. The service was awesome, the surgery was painless and the fees were very reasonable. I cannot thank you enough.

Helen Marshall

Dr. Seth made me capable of painless walk again. For that i could never be more thankful. He was very vigilant in his treatment. His bedside manner truly puts one at ease. Throughout the whole process, his staff and nurses treated me with kindness and professionalism. Thanks!

Logan Shaw.

I had a surgery at the miracle hands of Dr. Seth twice. Previously I was told that my case is too complicated and I would need many procedures to normalize my spine. But Dr. Seth solve my bad back in only two separate sessions. Thanks for all.

Harshit G.

“Best surgeon and very good treatment.”
I had lost faith in surgeons and started calling them butchers. But a friend recommended SPI to me. They listened to my problem with attention unlike my previous doctor. They believed me when I said I was in pain and not just delusional. Their treatment fixed me just like new. I am thankful to them for restoring my faith.

R. M.

I saw Dr. Sethuraman in July of 2019 after being referred. I had been suffering neck and left arm pain, left arm weakness, and decreased grip for several years after riding and falling off rodeo bulls. Dr. Seth made me feel immediately comfortable. I am now two month post a neck fusion and am PAIN-FREE. I have 50% of my strength and grip back. I am getting stronger every day!!! I would highly recommend Dr. Seth and his team at Spine Physicians Institute!!!!

B. M

“Wonderful and very attentive!!”
I had been suffering with two failed neck surgeries for over 9 years and my son found Dr. seth after extensive research. I immediately felt comfortable with his bedside manner and underwent a complex neck revision. Prior to surgery I was having severe pain and weakness in both arm and difficulty gripping things. I travel from Oklahoma to see Dr. Seth and am now 70% neck pain improved with 50% of my grip and arm strength regained. I’m getting stronger everyday!!! I highly recommend him and his SPI team!!!

H. M.

“Dr. Sethuraman cured my back and leg pain!”
I drove down from Oklahoma after being referred by multiple friends and my doctor who Dr. Seth had helped. I had been suffering from years of back and leg pain and could not stand or walk for more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time. I had surgery 6 weeks ago and am now 85% improved of my pain and am slowly regaining my strength where I can now walk and bend again. I have already recommended Dr. Seth to other friends. I felt the whole staff was extremely caring to my needs.

C. J.

He was great at explaining everything to me and his staff was so sweet! I would highly recommend him if your having neck pain!

Myra H.

“I love Dr. Seth and his staff from day one very professional”
My 1st Visit he sat down we had a conversation he pointed out to me and he fixed me I love him and his staff

Pamela W.

“A very long recovery, but successful”

Always pleasant to talk with, very thorough, and friendly all the time

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