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25 -year-old Robert Parmer didn’t give up alcohol for your classic reasons. He didn’t get in trouble with the law, or get a stern lecture from a doctor, or have a relationship go bad.

He did it for his health, and to see if he could give it up. Parmer gave up drinking six pack-a-night for one month. He felt so good, he extended it for two more months.

“Once I did start drinking again, I was a lot more mindful of using moderation and making sure I wasn’t getting so drunk that I had to figure out a ride home… (I was) using a lot better judgment and having like one or two drinks over the course of the night instead of however many it led to because I got too drunk,” Parmer said.

Parmer was inspired by Dry January, a campaign started in the UK in 2012. Two million people worldwide pledged to do so this year.

Len Horovitz, M.D., an internist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York said, “Even a glass of wine is 250-300 calories. If you multiply that by seven, that’s 2,000 calories a week. That’s about a pound of weight loss a week if nothing else changes and you simply eliminate alcohol.”

While this 30-day challenge may not change your life, it could change the trajectory of your life. It can install some new habits and behaviors that you can certainly maintain.

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