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St. Louis Rams defensive end Robert Quinn has made a career of putting quarterbacks on their backs. Unfortunately, Quinn has been starring at the ceiling himself as he recovers from back surgery.

Quinn says, “I’m able to walk so I’m all right. I guess I’ll just look at the stars and relax, myself.” He adds, “[There’s] no [current] plan besides rest, just kick my feet up.”

The 2015 season was the first of his five-year NFL career that was put on hold. Quinn played in just eight games, and three came after he started having injury issues that would end his season.

At first, he did not really know what was causing the problem. “I didn’t realize what it was until we really figured it out,” Quinn said. “I just thought I was getting old or slow or something. After a time, I realized that my get-off didn’t seem as fast as it used to be, and of course we had other problems. It’s a frustrating situation that I technically never had [a football injury]. So it’s frustrating, but what can I do besides prepare for another run at it next year?”

As with most back surgeries, recovery will take time. As for now, no lifting weights or running is allowed. Just a lot of relaxation. For now, Quinn says to just talk to his trainers. “I just listen to them,” he says. “Whatever they tell me to do, I just follow their lead. Whenever they tell me I can go, I guess they’ll cut me loose.”

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