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Preventions Of Back And Neck Pains

At Spine Physicians Institute, we see patients everyday at our office locations from different age groups, professions and genders. There is a simple truth to consider. It is that, the majority of us will at some point in time experience back and neck pain. In keeping the statistics under consideration, it seems inevitable. In many cases we see, the back and neck conditions could have been prevented. They progress could have been halted or stopped altogether. Meaning, most conditions should not have deteriorated to the point of needing spine surgery or neck treatments. The main goal we have for all of the patients we see is to help them prevent back pain. We try to ensure such problems are addressed before they become a major issue in people’s lives.
Many of our current as well as past patients have seen a major decrease in the amount of back and neck pain related symptoms. By taking small steps each and every day, the symptoms which were previously encountered on a daily basis see major reduction.
Some causes of non-hereditary related back and neck pain related issues can be traced back to several lifestyle factors. These include factors such as obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, infrequent exercise and stretching, in-proper lifting, overuse, poor posture and other similar factors. They can be eliminated, but with a little bit of effort and support.

Our Recommendations

Simple changes that can be made which can prove successful in lessening the pain or preventing the problem from occurring. We have made these recommendations to many of our patients and they have experienced an immediate relief because of them. Such as;

  • Buying a proper chair with back support for work.
  • Changing their diet to a more sensible meal plan. It must include more lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and water.
  • Smoking cessation. Smoking is commonly related to the bone loss in body.
  • Daily morning walks and stretching.
  • Learning to lift with the legs and not bending over to lift heavy weights.

Any back pain or neck pain should be looked at by an experienced specialist. Only then can it be determined if your condition is not more serious in nature. At Spine Physicians Institute we understand the fundamentals. A patient’s ongoing health and lifestyle activities play a crucial role in the way they feel. Consequently, it also plays a crucial role in in their spine health as well. This is why engaging in a back-pain prevention program is necessary. Such program encompasses your total health from nutrition to exercise. It should be the starting point to a better lifestyle.
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