Pain Analysis

A proper treatment plan begins with a pain analysis to better understand the complexities of the symptoms our patients face. By taking the time determine the underlying conditions and the ultimate causes of our patients spine or back pain we can put together a comprehensive treatment plan to help address the issues. In many cases pain can be treated by using non-invasive techniques such as exercise, medication, steroid injections for reducing inflammation. With advances in spine surgery methods over the last several years patients that do require surgery might be candidates for minimally invasive options that reduce the amount of time needed to reach a full recovery. Many of our patients find that by making changes to their lifestyle they are able to drastically reduce the frequency and severity of their back pain. The team at Spine Physicians Institute’s main goal is to help get you back to living a life pain free. For information about scheduling an appointment please give us a call at our Dallas, Irving, Red Oak or Plano offices and one of our friendly staff members will be glad to help. test