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Our Values

Spine Physicians Institute works to inspire hope in those who are suffering from debilitating back pain, injury, or illness. We want our patients to be heard, and we do our best to contribute to our patients’ well-being by being open and understanding to the patient and their symptoms. We strive to have the patient involved with their health and treatment by fully explaining every aspect of the visit from the imaging to the treatment. We are happy to spend time explaining our recommendations and answering questions so every patient can make an informed decision about their health. We believe knowledge is power, and we want to empower our patients.

Our values have guided us, and defined our mission since the day Spine Physicians Institute was first established.

At Spine Physicians Institute, the patient’s interest is our highest priority.

  • We insist on treating every individual in our diverse community with respect as every patient deserves to be acknowledged and treated with dignity.
  • Our physicians adhere to highest standards of professionalism and ethics. They never shirk away from personal responsibility. They work hard to prove themselves worthy of a patient’s trust.
  • We provide healthcare with sensitivity, empathy, and compassion.
  • Spine Physicians Institute works to inspire hope and nurture the well-being of patients. We respect a patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
  • We value the contribution of all our team members. We believe by working together, we can become greater than the sum of our individual parts. We endeavor to deliver the best outcomes with the highest quality service which results from the dedication and effort of every team member.
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