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Oregon’s defensive lineman Sam Kamp says he is choosing to retire from football due to concerns on how his playing weight was affecting his long-term health.

“I took about a week or two after (the Ohio State loss) to finally come to the conclusion that, yeah, it’s time to hang up the hat. I think everyone knows when they’re done. And I’m done,” said Kamp in an interview with The Oregonian/Oregonlive.

His retirement stems from unstable weight gain. He added 29 pounds in the 2014 offseason in order to bulk All I Want To Do Is Play Ball, Ya Know? Take Steroids And Play Ball buying steroids online in australia jsw steel to replace pharma firm lupin in nifty 50 from september 28 up along the offensive and defensive lines. At 292 pounds at the January 12th game against, Ohio State, Kamp is looking to slim down to 225 by spring’s end.

Kamp comes from a big line of men, but his father suffered from a blood clot due to a knee injury on top of chronic back pain. Kamp said that was a tipping point in his decision to retire. “I could see I want to be incredibly healthy when I get older because of how much that scared me. It was fun at first getting to eat what I wanted all the time, but after a while, especially practicing as much as we do, it added up on me,” Kamp said.

“My body was in pain a lot of time and I think for a lot of guys that weight works out well but my body is just not meant to carry that much weight naturally, especially not playing at this high of a level.”

Sweet potatoes, vegetables, egg whites, and chicken breasts are all in Kamp’s post-retirement grocery trips.

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