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Jerick McKinnon, mostly likely the Vikings’ starting running back if Adrian Peterson doesn’t return, is recovering from back surgery. While he tried to play through his back injury late in the season, it was too much pain for him to manage.

“I was happy with how the season went. It was a blessing, just being able to play in the NFL, a dream come true. I took it for what it was. I’m happy but I’m not content,” said McKinnon.

McKinnon had a great performance at the Combine last year and was drafted by the Vikings with the idea that he could slowly learn the running back position while backing up Adrien Peterson. Peterson was actually suspended during the season, so McKinnon emerged as the starter.

Averaging 4.8 yards a carry, McKinnon played very well. He would be the No. 2 running back if Peterson returns, or the No. 1 running back if Peterson is gone. He just has to get healthy and stay healthy.

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