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Gaming wearable relieves back pain

Back pain; a common pain and inconvenience to many Americans. The good news is that there’s a new tech solution to help relieve your chronic lower back pain.

Valedo is made up of two wireless sensors that attach to your lower back and chest using special stickers. You wear the sensors while playing a corresponding game on your iPhone or iPad. Your physical movements send a game character through an obstacle course, grabbing jewels along the way.

But the “game” is actually a way to strengthen your back muscles.

This FDA-listed device costs $359. 20-year old Swiss company Hocoma, makes Valedo, along with other robotic training devices to rehabilitate patients affected by multiple sclerosis or strokes.

Hokum suggests playing the games for 15 to 20 minutes, four to five times a week for two weeks in order to see results. The company promises increased flexibility and improvements in deep muscle strength.

Is it worth the investment? Learn more at http://www.valedotherapy.com

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