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Exercises for Better Back Health

Exercises For Better Back Health

Everyone can benefit from stretching and exercising our spines and soft tissue back muscles. This exercise must be carried out; not only to remain healthy, but to avoid any health complications. Our spine and back muscles are designed to move. Therefore, a lack of movement in many cases can result in an increase in pain. Many patients we see with low back pain or spine related issues in our clinics are often times unaware of the amazing power of exercise. They remain unaware that a consistent exercise and stretching regimen can have wondrous effects on their back and spine health.
You must be vigilant if you are or you have been experiencing low back pain or spine related symptoms of any sort. Small issues can become bigger ones, if left untreated. Therefore, it is important you consult with your physician or spine and back specialist as soon as possible. But even more important is for you to develop a motivation for an exercise routine. It will be extremely beneficial in the long run.
There are many exercises and preventative procedures that spine patients can use. There are pain management and even rehabilitative efforts for the treatment of spine and low back pain. If you have questions about any of these exercises then do not hesitate to ask. If you would like more information about the non-invasive spine and back treatments offered at our office, please ask us. We are here for your benefit.

Neck and Shoulder Exercises:

Following are some of the Neck and Shoulder exercises;

  • Neck Flexion and Extension
  • Neck Extension
  • Right Rotation (chin to shoulder)
  • Left Rotation (ear to shoulder)
  • Upper Back Stretch
Back Exercises:

Following are some of the Back exercises;

  • Back Flexion
  • Knee to Chest Stretch
  • Lower Back Rotational Stretch
  • Bridges
  • Cat Stretches

It is extremely important that you get clearance from a medical professional or a spine specialist before beginning a new exercise or stretching regimen. Slowly increase the consistency with which you perform the exercises and stretches. As you progress in slow increments, you will see an increase in your own capabilities. With the passage of time you will be able to increase the amount of effort you are able to undergo with each routine.
Keep in mind that the benefits of a back exercise and stretching routine can also be enhanced through proper nutrition and basic stress management.
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