Tiger Woods No Timetable for Returning to Golf

18th Dec 2015

Tiger Woods underwent a third back surgery in October 2015 to alleviate some nerve trouble, but says he has no idea when he will be returning to the golf course.

Woods has taken a major fall in the rankings. The 14-time major champion has sunken to No. 400 in the world after his injuries and poor form. He even revealed that his condition was so bad after his latest back surgery that he can’t even bend down to pick up a ball.

He says he has no idea when he will return to the course. At a press conference at Albany Golf Club in the Bahamas, Woods said, “I have no answer for that. Neither does my surgeon or my physio. I also had to reset the clock each and every day and ‘OK, here we go, this is a new day and this is taken for what it is.”

“I listen to my surgeon, I listen to my physios, and we just take it day by day. Hopefully the day by day adds up to something positive here soon.” He adds.

There is no timetable for Tiger Woods, and he says, “Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? I don’t know, so that’s been hard.”