5 Best Exercises for Low Back Pain

08th Feb 2016

From chiropractors to shoe inserts to hanging upside down, people will do anything to try and prevent and treat lower back pain. It turns out that the magic answer to relieve pain is exercise.

Check out the top 5 best exercises for back pain:

  1. Lying Straight Leg Iron Cross – This is a great exercise to release tension in the legs, back and glutes. Lots of back pain can come from muscles being weak or tight. To do this, start lying on your back with both legs straight. Lift one leg back toward you, keeping your knee straight. (3×12 reps on each side)
  2. Half Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch – This is great for unlocking a tight lower back. The hip flexor becomes tight from sitting. To do this stretch, bend one knee down on a  pad and the other leg bent with the foot flat on the floor. Squeeze your bottom on the side of the knee that is down and try to push your hip to the wall in front of you. (3×30 second holds on each side every day).
  3. Anti-Rotation Press aka Pallof Press – This will strengthen your core. Start in an athletic stance like a linebacker would stand, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Grab a cable or band and bracing your core, bring the cable to your chest. Reach the cable straight away form your body with your arms full extended. Pause for 1-2 seconds then return back under control. (3×12 reps on each side)
  4. Goblet Squat – This will strengthen your upper back and core while protecting your back. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your toes pointed slightly out. With a straight back, crouch down to pick up a weight. Hold the weight (dumbbell or kettle bell) at chest height with your elbows pointing towards the ground. Squat as low as your body will allow you and keep a straight back. (3×8 reps)
  5. Plank with Reach – A great exercise to strengthen your core. Get into a regular plank position with your forearms under your shoulders and your body braced so you are in a straight line. From here, reach one arm out in front of you and extend the arm fully, then bring it back under control. Repeat on the other side. (3×6 reaches per side)