What to do when you get a back spasm

25th Mar 2016

Ever been caught with a back spasm? Here's tips on how to deal with the pain.

  1. Stop and rest. Carefully move to a bed or flat surface to remain immobile. Your spasm is a warning sign from your body that you must not continue to move. Stop the activity that triggered it.
  2. Relax the muscles. Try and relax your muscles with slow, ......

Should you take a break from drinking?

23rd Mar 2016

25 -year-old Robert Parmer didn't give up alcohol for your classic reasons. He didn't get in trouble with the law, or get a stern lecture from a doctor, or have a relationship go bad. He did it for his health, and to see if he could give it up. Parmer gave up drinking a six pack-a-night for one month. He felt so good, he extended it for two more months. "Once ......

Back pain and pregnancy

21st Mar 2016

Do pregnant women who exercise during their pregnancy have less back pain? Dr. Raul Artal, a professor emeritus in the department of obstetrics, gynecology and women's health at Saint Louis University School of Medicine says, "Up to 60 percent of all pregnant women have some back pain. Women who engage in exercises to prevent low back pain experience less low back pain, and those who have it can engage in those ......

Why your back really isn’t ‘bad’

18th Mar 2016

Is your back really "bad"? Does it smoke? Sneak out of the house at night? Is it really that baaad? This humor shows that we talk a lot of smack about our bodies. For instance, "too short", "too tall", "too wide", "too narrow". But be careful what you say, because most physicians are now acknowledging that the brain and body are connected. Studies show stress can make you susceptible to ......

Serena Williams injury advice for Tiger Woods

17th Mar 2016

Tiger Woods has not been short on advice from massive groups of people regarding his injury and back surgery. Serena Williams joins that list of people, but the difference is she's a professional athlete with lots of experience playing through and recovery from an injury. So what did she have to say? "For me I say you should just try to enjoy your time off, and when you're feeling better, ......

Brett Anderson with the Dodgers out 3 to 5 months for back surgery

15th Mar 2016

Expected to be the number 3 started for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Brett Anderson will be out three to five months due to back surgery. After accepting the a $15.8 million qualifying offer from the Dodgers, Anderson, 28, has struggled with injuries throughout his career due to a bulging disk in his back that will require surgery. Anderson had won 10 games and pitched a career high of 180 1/3 innings in 2015....

Why Mindfulness Might Help with Back Pain

10th Mar 2016

New research suggests mindful meditation among seniors suffering from chronic low back pain may reduce pain. The study, involving nearly 300 seniors with long-term low back pain, were assigned a two-month mindful meditation course. Dr. Natalia Morone, associate professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh said, "Mindful meditation is a method to learn how to be fully engaged in the present moment and not let the mind get so easily ......

Get your walk on. Why walking is so good for you.

9th Mar 2016

If you have low back pain or tightness, have you tried going for a walk? Studies show walking is a safe and effective way to prevent, treat, and alleviate low back pain, a condition that affects 80 percent of U.S. citizens in their lifetime. Dr. Gopal T. Raghunath, PT MS, DPT, CSCS, owner/clinic director of Clinic Grove Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation, P.C. says, "The human body craves ......

Tips for Preventing Back Pain During Sleep

7th Mar 2016

If your back pain gets in the way of a good night's sleep, your mattress and position of how you sleep may be to blame. Check out these tips, provided by the National Sleep Foundation for better sleep:

  • Invest if a new mattress that is medium to medium-firm. If you can't afford to buy a new one, place some plywood beneath your mattress.
  • If you're a ......

Is chocolate good for your brain?

5th Mar 2016

Great news for chocolate lovers!  A recent study suggests eating chocolate regularly improves mental skills. The study, published in the journal Appetite found that people who eat chocolate at least one time per week outperform those who ate chocolate less often on mental tests. Georgie Crichton of Sansom Institute for Health at the University of South Australia and leader of the study said, "Chocolate and cocoa flavanols have ......