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Aspiring ballerina Nikita Chidwick is back in the studio after enduring an eight hour back surgery to fix her curved spine. At 17-years old she was diagnosed with an s-shaped spine, a condition which caused her balance issues, astonishing pain, and a limp.

Metal rods were fitted to straighten her spine during the procedure, and now Chidwick is finally back in her dancing shoes.

“It’s a dream come true to be back to dancing every day with a straight spine,” said Nikita. “My spine had become so curved that people at school were starting to notice it through my school uniform. I was terrified when I realized I needed an eight-hour operation to fix the problem but I know I needed to have it done otherwise I wouldn’t be able to become a professional dancer when I’m older.”

Nikita’s mother Maria said, “I first noticed Nikita had a lump on her spine when she was doing some stretches in her room while wearing her leotard.” While diagnosed with scoliosis in 2011, her condition worsened rapidly shortly thereafter.

After being on the waitlist for surgery for over two years, she underwent the spinal procedure in October of 2013. Now she’s back in the dance studio everyday while attending college.

“I hope my story shows other young girls that you can achieve your dreams despite scoliosis. I will never allow it to hold me back in life and I hope others seek hope from my story.”

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