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New research suggests that the risk of hurting your back is more prevalent in the morning between 8 am and 11 am. “That’s when you really have to be watching out for yourself,” says study leader Manuela Ferreira.

Back pain is the third most common health condition affecting more than 10 percent of the world’s population and costing $4.8 billion a year in treatment costs.

Susceptibility to injury in the morning is most likely due to spinal discs that swell with fluid overnight, which leaves them more prone to stress.

There was no association between the popular myth that alcohol consumption and sexual activity can increase the risk of back pain, the study discovered.

In addition, being distracted while physically working increases your chance of back pain by 25 percent. Other back pain triggers include:

  • distraction during a physical task
  • manual tasks involving awkward positions
  • lifting objects far from the body
  • lifting animals or people
  • slipping, tripping, or falling
  • lifting heavy loads
  • moderate to vigorous physical activity
  • fatigue
  • tiredness
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