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Aging Quiz: How our bodies change as we age

Aging Quiz: How our bodies change as we age

Find out how time affects things like hearing, vision and what you eat with this aging quiz.
  1. TRUE OR FALSE: You need to eat less as you get older.
  2. TRUE OR FALSE: After age 40, almost everyone has a harder time seeing things that are closer than 2 feet.
  3. TRUE OR FALSE: Your thinking abilities always begin to decline after your early 20s.
  4. TRUE OR FALSE: You may have a harder time hearing, especially women’s and kids’ voices, as you age.
  5. TRUE OR FALSE: Aging means less sex.
  6. TRUE OR FALSE: You get shorter as you get older.
  7. As you get older, what features may get bigger? A) Your ears B) Your nose C) Your chin
  8. TRUE OR FALSE: Losing control of your bladder is an unavoidable part of aging.
  9. What causes wrinkles as you age? A) Weight gain B) Loss of proteins that firm skin C) Weak facial muscles
  10. TRUE OR FALSE: As they get older, both men and women may grow unwanted hair.
  11. TRUE OR FALSE: As you get older, you don’t need as much sleep.
  12. TRUE OR FALSE: Older people are more optimistic than younger ones.
Answers via WebMD at: http://www.webmd.com/healthy-aging/rm-quiz-aging-body
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